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24K Eye Gold Behandlung Masken
24K Eye Gold Behandlung Masken

Hollywood Gold 24k

24K Eye Gold Behandlung Masken


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20% extra Rabatt mit dem Gutscheincode*: 1SUNDAY29

Hollywood Gold 24k - 24K Eye Gold reatment Masks

12 Pieces

Hollywood Gold Cosmetics and the Hollywood Gold 24K product lines began from the desire to help other women stop the stumble through the myriad of skincare products available, to provide them access to the absolute best and most effective skincare products that exist, and to educate in their use and the lifelong regimen required to recover and maintain healthy, beautiful, and youthful skin. Hollywood Gold 24K skincare products are MADE in the USA.

Hollywood Gold 24K skin care products contain real 24 karat gold because no other ingredient could provide more benefit to your skin. With the naked eye you can’t see evidence of gold in Hollywood Gold 24K luxury skin care products but be guaranteed it is there with an abundance of nano-sized pure gold particles in colloidal suspension. The records show that gold has been recognized for its healing, and restorative properties to the human body since ancient times

Product Details:

Each box contains 12 blister packs of two each (one right and one left) transparent crystal collagen under eye treatment masks composed of all natural ingredients. The mixture of high density collagen and other ingredients closely resembles the composition of human skin. When placed on the skin body heat will activate designed in absorption technology and the masks will begin to dissolve and release nutrients and moisture which quickly permeate into the skin. The crystal mask is about 2 mm thick at the start and after 20 minutes of application will be about 1 mm thick and about 98% of available nutrients will have been absorbed by the skin. The skin will be moisturized, will appear brighter, and pore sizes will be reduced. Natural antibacterial effects of some of the ingredients will reduce redness and fight bacteria to help prevent irritation and breakout.

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