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'Dermocapillaire Doux pH5' Shampoo - 250 ml
'Dermocapillaire Doux pH5' Shampoo - 250 ml
'Dermocapillaire Doux pH5' Shampoo - 250 ml
'Dermocapillaire Doux pH5' Shampoo - 250 ml
'Dermocapillaire Doux pH5' Shampoo - 250 ml


'Dermocapillaire Doux pH5' Shampoo - 250 ml

CHF 9.90 CHF 19.90

Sold out

Eucerin - 'Dermocapillaire Doux pH5' Shampoo - 250 ml

Hair TypeIrritated or sensitive scalp

Mild shampoo for sensitive scalp
Specially designed for people with sensitive scalps, this gentle shampoo cleanses and conditions your hair while preserving the natural defences of your scalp.
Sensitive scalp shampoo
The pH of healthy skin is between 4.5 and 5.5, a slightly acidic pH. This natural acidity protects your skin from bacteria and other harmful substances. When this balance is disturbed, for example by heat, cold, illness, cosmetics or stress, the scalp can become sensitive. EUCERIN DermoCapillaire Gentle Shampoo pH5 has been specially developed to respect the natural pH of your skin and to effectively clean your scalp and hair and prevent dryness and irritation. It removes dust, pollen and allergens, and leaves your hair shiny, soft and supple.

Clinical and dermatological studies
Clinical and dermatological studies have proven its effectiveness and very good skin tolerance on sensitive scalps.
Main results
It respects the skin's protective acid mantle. It gently cleanses the scalp and hair.
It leaves your hair shiny and supple.

soap-free, alkaline, lightly scented
Sample sizes: separate the packaging elements and dispose of them in the waste bin.

Directions for use
Massage into damp scalp.
Leave on and rinse thoroughly.
Suitable for daily use.

The right gestures
Use EUCERIN DermoCapillaire Gentle Shampoo pH5 if...
You want to avoid products containing dyes, parabens, silicones, alkaline soap or perfumes:EUCERIN DermoCapillaire Shampoo pH5 contains none of these additives. You have a sensitive scalp:EUCERIN DermoCapillaire Shampoing Doux pH5 gently cleanses while protecting the natural skin barrier to provide the care your sensitive scalp needs.You would like to use a gentle shampoo every day:Thanks to its gentle formula, EUCERIN DermoCapillaire Shampoing Doux pH5 is suitable for daily use.

Try a different product if...
Your skin is very intolerant:Try EUCERIN DermoCapillaire High Tolerance Shampoo without fragrance instead.Scaling is visible on your scalp and hair:This means you may have a sensitive scalp. If this is the case, try EUCERIN DermoCapillaire Calming Shampoo 5% Urea.

Better understand
The pH5 Citrate Buffer makes EUCERIN DermoCapillary Shampoo pH5 ideal for daily use. The combination of a pH5 Citrate Buffer and gentle cleansing agents removes dust and impurities while protecting your scalp's natural acid mantle. It is the ideal shampoo for people with a sensitive scalp.
100% Swiss company
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