ChanelMini Square

Price: chf 2500.00
Retail Price (new): chf 3450.00
0% interest rate
+ handling fees
Product condition: AB
Gently used. There might be some minor signs of wear



  • Color: Lipstick red
  • Width: 17 cm
  • Height: 13 cm
  • Depth: 13 cm
  • Label Material: Lamb skin

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From Rotkreuz

Member since September 2013

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26.06.19 9:42:36
Hi, I am very interrested. May I know if you have the original receipt? thank you
Serenewy - seller
26.06.19 11:58:47
Hi, thanks for your interested. I did not keep the receipt, but the authenticity card, boxes and dust bag comes together.
27.06.19 10:14:22
ok. may i know the reason why you're selling it ?
Serenewy - seller
27.06.19 19:48:01
I have too many Chanel bags and I just bought a pink one. So I decided to let go this pretty. =)
05.07.19 11:59:00
ok. hope you will consider my offer. thank you
Serenewy - seller
05.07.19 18:24:23
Hi, 2500 is my lowest price. Because this bag looks like new, it always kept in a good condition. Im sure that you won't be regret after having this pretty.
10.07.19 11:05:21
hello Serenewy, the model is very beautiful the color too. however, in one picture (3), the left corner of the bottom of the bag is scratched! Scratches are not wear due to use. therefore, when worn it is very visible = the red color ... in black less. I experienced it when it's visible to all ..., have a good day.
10.07.19 11:13:10
...... (: , anyway this bag is not like " new" with stripes, and for the bill : is it a gift, a private sale, ? you do not know which Chanel Boutique sold this bag? it is important for us buyers "second hand", best regards.
21.08.19 18:41:30
Bonjour, ce sac à ce jour en boutique Chanel Mini sac à rabat en agneu et métal doré, Dimension 13,3x17x8 cm et non pas 13 cm, NEUF sans écorchure est vendu EUR 2500 soit 2722 CHF. 1.09 cours de change. Pour 200 CHF on achète un sac neuf, votre prix est trop haut. Cordialement.
Serenewy - seller
24.08.19 12:29:57
Hi Lyne, Sorry for the late reply. I was in vacation. Thanks for your comment, actually there aren't scratches at the left corner bottom of the bag, I have no idea why it shown in the picture. I will take another photos clearly and upload it later on again. And I bought this bag around 6-7 years ago in Paris Chanel boutique. I did not keep the receipt for every of my purchases because I don't have the intension to sell it off. Is just that I bought a similar colour chanel bag recently and I realise that I d

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