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UV Gel - Milky 65 g


UV Gel - Milky 65 g

CHF 32.90

Sold out

Elisium - UV Gel - Milky 65 g

Elisium is the producer and the only European distributor of FlexyGel, a brand new manicure product which blends the benefits of gel and acrylic methods. This innovative product locked in a small tube makes manicure easier and more pleasant than ever while giving a truly spectacular and long lasting effect.
With FlexyGel by Elisium you don’t have to rush. You can take your time when forming the nail because it won’t harden before you cure it in a LED/UV lamp.
No material loss. No unpleasant odour.
From now on getting nail extensions is nothing but pleasant. Reduce the time you need for gel manicure to minimum! Save your time and money!
FlexyGel will revolutionize your life! See for yourself how easy it is:
To get your FlexyGel manicure done, you’ll need: Pro-Bond – No Acid Primer, Cleaner Professional, Miracle Base Coat, FlexyGel, Slip Liquid, (optionally Hybrid Gel Polish) and Top Coat Shiny/ Total Matte, a file and a UV/LED lamp.

Step 1: before you start, wash and disinfect your hands. Then file your nails to give them the desired shape using a 180-grit file.

Step 2: push your cuticles off the nail plate using a pusher. If necessary, gently remove them with cuticle nipper.

Step 3: gently mattify the surface of the nail plate using nail buffer or 4 side nail block with high grit. Pay attention to the area close to the nail folds.

Step 4: don’t wash your hands, just remove the dust with a soft brush.

Step 5: degrease your nails thoroughly using Cleaner Professional and wait for a moment to let it evaporate and allow its beneficial ingredients nourish the nail plate.

Step 6: apply Pro Bond-No Acid Primer to your nail plate in order to degrease it and give it the right pH value. Wait for 40 second to let it dry. Pro Bond protects the nails and prepares them for further steps of the treatment. It makes your manicure more durable too. Remember that Pro Bond-No Acid Primer does not require curing in a UV/LED lamp!

Step 7: taking care not to apply it to your cuticles, apply a thin layer of Miracle Base Coat to your nails and cure it in an 18W UV/LED lamp for 60sec. or a 24/48W UV/LED lamp for 30sec. Watch out not to touch your nails and don’t clean them using Cleaner.

Step 8: squeeze a bit of FlexyGel out from the tube and using a spatula put it on your nail plate.

Step 9: take brush no. 11, soak it in Slip Liquid and using the brush, start to form FlexyGel to get the right C-curve. If FlexyGel becomes sticky again, soak the brush in Slip Liquid again and continue shaping the c-curve.

Step 10: when you’ve formed the desired c-curve, cure your nails in an 18W UV/LED lamp for 60sec. or a 24/48W UV/LED lamp for 30sec.

Step 11: using a file, give the nail the desired shape.

Step 12: swipe your nails with a cotton pad soaked in Cleaner Professional.

Step 13: apply a thin layer of Elisium Hybrid Gel Polish to your nails – make sure not to stain your cuticles.

Step 14: cure your nails in an 18W UV/LED lamp for 60sec. or a 24/48W UV/LED lamp for 30sec.

Step 16: apply the second layer of the gel polish to your nails and cure them in a UV/LED lamp, like before.

Step 17: apply Top Coat Shiny/Total Matte to your nails. It does not leave any dispersive layer. Be careful to cover the whole nail plate! Then cure your nails in a UV/LED lamp for the last time.

Step 18: give your manicure a nice finishing touch by moisturizing your cuticles with a few drops of precious Cuticle Oil by Elisium with the delicious aroma of Watermelon or a flowery one, Safflower. This unique blend of precious natural oils moisturizes and nourishes the cuticles to make your hands look perfect.

Ingredients: Urethane Acrylate, HEMA, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Tertiary Amine Acrylate, Trimethylbenzoyl Diphenylphosphinate, Polyether Modified Polysiloxane.

Best before date: 27 months form production date
100% Swiss company
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* Underwear cannot be returned or exchanged

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