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Diamond Powder - Candies Pink DP108 23 g
Diamond Powder - Candies Pink DP108 23 g


Diamond Powder - Candies Pink DP108 23 g

CHF 12.90

Sold out

Elisium - Diamond Powder - Candies Pink DP108 23 g

Have you ever tried Dipping Powder?
If you haven’t, its high time you give it a try! Innovative Diamond Powder Nail System offers lasting manicure – no UV/LED lamp needed!

Diamond Powder Nails System makes an excellent alternative to hybrid gel polish or traditional manicure and is a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin or suffering from allergies. The main component of dipping powder is powdered titanium dioxide mixed with dyes. It allows building lasting manicure resistant to damage and chip offs even up to 4 weeks.

What are the biggest advantages of this innovative method? It does not require the use of UV/LED lamp - dipping powder hardens in contact with air. It contains vitamin E to prevent nails from turning yellow, and calcium, which nourishes and regenerates nails making them stronger. Powder application is very time efficient too. All you need to do is dip the nail into the colour powder. Diamond Powder Nails System is ideal for difficult or damaged nail plate. It allows building manicure with a very natural look in an easy and pleasant way.

Diamond Powder Nails System by Elisium is vegan and animal friendly - it has not been tested on animals!

With vitamin E and calcium
No UV/LED lamp required
Perfect for difficult nails
Cruelty free

1. Diamond Powder Nail System – step by step
1.1 Using a nail file, give the nails the desired shape. Buff the nail plates and remove dust using a brush. Apply Primer to each nail.
1.2 Now, it’s time for Diamond Base Coat. It dries out very fast – make sure to apply it only to 1 nail at a time, then deep the nail in Diamond Powder and remove excess product with a brush. Repeat the process until you get the perfect coverage and colour on each nail.
1.3 Carefully apply Diamond Activator to each nail. Remember to clean the brush with a dust-free cotton pad after each use. Now, shape the nail, buff it and clean it at the end.
1.4 Apply the Activator again. After a few seconds, carefully wipe the nails with a dust-free cotton pad.
1.5 The last step is applying the top coat. Apply two layers of Diamond Top Coat waiting 2-3 minutes after applying each layer to let it dry completely.

REMEMBER: at the end of each treatment and each working day wipe the bottleneck with acetone. This will ensure easy opening next time. Be careful not to allow acetone to get inside the bottle to prevent the product from getting damaged.
REMEMBER: if any of the brushes becomes hard (this may in particular concern your Top Coat brush), switch the brushes from Top Coat and Brush Saver, but remember to clean them first, not to mix the products. Leave them for a few hours.

Video tutorials:

1. Dipping Powder Manicure + building C curve with Diamond Powder Clear

2. Diamond Powder Nail System using Quick Shape Nail Forms

3. Diamond Powder Nail System & Flexy Gel System Combined

4. Acrylic manicure on a natural nail plate

100% Swiss company
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* Underwear cannot be returned or exchanged

Authenticity of the designer goods are 100% guaranteed
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