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GR7 - Grey Hair Treatement - 125 ml


GR7 - Grey Hair Treatement - 125 ml

CHF 93.90 CHF 179.00

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GR7 - Grey Hair Treatement - 125 ml

GR-7 is a treatment for white hair that restores the natural color of hair. It penetrates
the scalp to stimulate hair bulbs in order to produce melanin, the natural dye of hair.
Created in Italy, this lotion must first be used daily during the first weeks and then twice
a week when white hairs are gone to maintain the natural color of the hair.

Water, isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, biotin, ammonium, chloride, inositol,
ammonium acetate, palmitic acid, polysorbate 20, tyrosine, arctium lappa (Great
Burdock), gallic acid, sulfur, horsetail extract, perfume.
Caution, do not use this product if you are allergic to any of the GR-7 components.

GR-7 is used in two periods:
During the first weeks of use:
GR-7 should be used at least once a day (for best results, it is even recommended to
use it twice a day by applying it in the morning and evening.) The return to the natural
color of the hair can last from 7 to 21 days depending on the individual structure and
condition of the hair and skin thickness.. Before each use, shake the bottle to mix the
contents. Apply a few drops to the base of the gray hair and rub the liquid on your dried
scalp (not in the hair). Do not wash or dry your hair after using.
In order to intensify the effect, it is recommended not to wash your hair during the first
week of use of GR-7. If not washing your hair for a week is binding for you, you can
wash your hair once every three days during the first few weeks of application.
When your hair has found its natural color:
After regaining your natural colour, apply the liquid once or twice a week to keep the
effect and wash your hair at least 12 hours after application. It is recommended to use
GR-7 in the evening and to wash hair in the morning next day.
Other information
The lotion should not be used on the face, eyelashes and eyebrows. If it gets into your
eyes, rinse them quickly with water. In case of dyed hair, wait for natural color to come
back on at least 2 cm from the hair follicles before using GR-7.During treatment, in
order to make GR-7 more effective, it is recommended to reduce its consumption of
coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.
The speed of the effects of GR-7 depends on the structure and condition of the hair.
GR-7 works gradually and the changes occur naturally.
The product has not been tested on animals. It is not recommended to use on children.
Do not drink or combine the liquid with hair dyes or other similar substance. Store Gr-7
in room temperature.

Pack of 2
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