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Preis: chf 260.00
Ladenpreis (neu): chf 430.00
Produktzustand: A
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  • Farbe: Green pine tree
  • Breite: 20 cm
  • Höhe: 15 cm
  • Tiefe: 7 cm
  • Etikettenmaterial: Leather

Info über den Verkäufer:

Von Lugano

Mitglied seit November 2016

128 Artikel . 92 Arikel verkauft


08.01.19 18:23:11
Hello Yulia, I m interested in your bag, what would be your last selling price. Thanks in advance Fatima
Yulia - seller
08.01.19 18:53:03
Hello Fatima! Thanks a lot for your interest. It’s new, never weared, you know. So the price I offer is very good. So if you liked it so much I can go down only io to 250 chf no more. Because after commission of my private boutique I don’t have so much you know. Thanks for your understanding and have a good evening! Yulia

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