• Label Size: 54
  • Size recommended: 54
Price: chf 6990.00
Retail Price (new): chf 11000.00
Product condition: AB
Gently used. There might be some minor signs of wear

Still has original retail tags


Magnificent 1.11 carat Diamond Solitaire in White Gold size 54. Made to measure, crimped "closed". Total weight approx. 10 gr.
Very little worn (engagement ring, reason why it is for sale, it hangs in a drawer!) It is "as new" rhodium-plated by a jeweller, the diamond is in perfect condition. Original value CHF 11'000.00
Packaging: Original box, Certificate of authenticity HDR (Antwerp Institute of Gemnology)


  • Color: blanc
  • Label Material: or blanc 750/00

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22.04.19 23:02:11
Hallo, könnte Sie mir bitte informieren über die Reinheit des Diamanten ? Vielen Dank
otane - seller
23.04.19 7:25:48
Hello! Sorry I am away for Easter and will come back Thursday. The diamond is 1.11 cts but I need top look at the certificate to give you the colour and quality. Thank you for your patience
otane - seller
25.04.19 11:20:13
Hello, here are the details from the HRD Certificate: shape : brillant, carat : 1.11, Fluorescence : nil, Colour grade : slightly tinted white (I), clarity grade : VS2, cut : proportions very good, polish excellent, symmetry excellent.
25.04.19 15:21:24
Thank you very much for the informations . Can you take a picture please wearing the right to see how it looks like at finger? Thank you very much.
otane - seller
01.05.19 10:43:21
Hi, sorry for my late answer, I was travelling. I will make a picture tonight. Then Myprivatedressing will hopefully approve the picture quickly ;)
otane - seller
09.05.19 9:56:47
Hello, Here we are! Pictures are online. Further to an accident, my finger got smaller ! Enjoy!
26.05.19 6:31:37
bonjour, ma taille est 51, on peux faire plus petite?
otane - seller
26.05.19 10:40:59
Bonjour, oui je pense, je vais demander au bijoutier. à ma connaissance, 3 tailles est le maximum. Bonne journée
otane - seller
28.05.19 10:33:09
Bonjour, je sors de chez le bijoutier, il confirme qu'elle peut être rétrécie à un 51. Bonne journée

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