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  • Etikettengrösse: 39
  • Empfholene Grösse: 39
Preis: chf 280.00
Ladenpreis (neu): chf 595.00
Produktzustand: A
Neu. Nie verwendet.


Neue Gucci Princetown , passgenaue Größe 39. Kommt mit Schachtel, Staubbeutel, Karten


  • Farbe: Pink
  • Etikettenmaterial: Leather & Laces
  • Absatzhöhe: 0 cm
  • Platformhöhe: 0 cm

Info über den Verkäufer:

Von Zurich

Mitglied seit September 2018

2 Artikel . 10 Arikel verkauft

Mit dem Verkäufer diskutieren:

09.07.20 22:33:05
Hi, I’m trying to pay for the shoes, but check out is not working... it’s not going through. I have tried both payment options, but it wouldn’t move to the next page. I might have to contact customer service to see how to resolve this issue. Please reserve shoes for me, don’t sell them I would like to have them. Thanks, Nadya
Irina_Br - seller
09.07.20 22:40:20
Hello Nadya! Sure, hope you solve the problem with payment . Best, Irina
09.07.20 22:52:23
It seems to me it’s a technical issue with their site. I don’t know if it’s because I’m using my iPhone or it’s something else. I just have emailed customer service to see how I can finalise this purchase, as non payment options are working. Thanks, Nadya ( please don’t sell the shoes :-) )
09.07.20 22:53:31
I will try tomorrow morning from my PC to see if it will work.
10.07.20 9:15:21
Good morning Irina, I have tried this morning from my PC but it’s not working, showing error message. Can I pay other way, as it’s becoming ridiculous me trying millions time to check out. Thanks
Irina_Br - seller
10.07.20 9:20:27
Hello! Did you contact support? I am not sure how else you could pay, as I am not allowed to share my bank details here , neither phone number unfortunately
10.07.20 9:22:31
I have emailed them twice and i will try to call them now to see if i can speed up their reply to solve this problem.
10.07.20 9:27:55
I have tried to call them, but their hotline is only open from 2-5pm. The only option right now is to wait until they reply and see if they can resolve their technical issue.
Irina_Br - seller
10.07.20 9:29:42
Sure, let’s wait until the hotline is opened , hope they can solve the problem.
10.07.20 9:32:59
I will let you know once I‘ll hear from them.

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