Louis VuittonOhrringe

Preis: chf 299.00
Ladenpreis (neu): chf 359.00
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Boutique Ref: MD44036S1011


  • Farbe: Gold x Pink
  • Etikettenmaterial: Metal x Others
  • Abmessungen: 0 cm

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Von Geneva

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29.01.19 9:27:05
Für 100 fr nehme ich die ohrringe
Luxclusif - seller
29.01.19 13:25:33
Hi Niki, Thanks for reaching out! Please make use of the negotiation option so we can review your offer. You can make an offer by clicking on the “Make a price offer” button. Hope to hear from you soon! - Victoria, Luxclusif
23.02.19 9:46:55
Bonjour, j’aimerai savoir les dimensions du cœur svp. Merci, Karine
Luxclusif - seller
23.02.19 18:15:30
Hi Karine, Thanks for reaching out! We're currently looking into your query. We'll verify this with our Product Team and we'll get back to you as soon as we have the details. We appreciate your patience in the matter. Thank you. - Mark, Luxclusif
Luxclusif - seller
27.02.19 7:31:50
Hi Karine! Sorry for the delay. This Louis Vitton earring is 3.30 cm long, and 0.30 cm wide. The item has no major points of damage and is in good condition. You can get it now at that price while available! Feel free to reply if you have any other concerns. Thanks! - Bryan, Luxclusif
27.02.19 8:56:01
Hi Bryan, thank you for your kind reply. Do you agree to sell it for 200 chf? Regards, Karine
Luxclusif - seller
27.02.19 10:42:40
Hi Karine, You can send us an offer by simply clicking the "Make a price offer" button so that we can review it and see what we can do from there. We hope this clarifies. Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help. - Mark, Luxclusif
27.02.19 11:11:26
Hi Mark, the system doesn’t allow to place offer under 80% of initial price. That’s why I send my offer by message. Regards, Karine
Luxclusif - seller
27.02.19 11:43:18
Hello Karine, Your offer for your chosen item is lower than what we can provide to you. What if we were to do the last price that we could give you which is 290 CHF? Should you consider something else, we have other items listed you may want to check. Hope to hear from you soon! - Luxclusif

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